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As part of its commitment to helping people who are struggling to pay for their energy bills, the Fund is able to offer applicants the option to apply for an e-learning voucher as part of its award package. The Fund supports e-learning courses which target core and specialist employability skills with the aim of helping people to find and retain employment.

What is included?

If you are awarded an e-learning voucher, then you will have access to a range of training. You will be able to choose two core skills training courses from a range of seven options, including courses in using Microsoft Word and Excel. You will also be able to choose one specialist training course, from a range of over sixty options, including business, project management, and food health and hygiene courses.

A full list of courses available can be found here

How does e-learning work?

If you are awarded an e-learning voucher, you will receive a voucher by post which contains a unique code. To access your e-learning package you will have to follow the instructions on the voucher, and go to elearning.eonenergyfund.com. From here you will create an account using your voucher code, and select which courses you want to study.

All of the courses available are completed electronically, and you must use a device with internet access in order to carry out your e-learning. If you do not have access to a personal computer, you may be able to use a computer at a local library or community centre. Once you have selected your course you will have a limited time in which to complete it.